Tailored air distribution system for the passenger boat

Tailored air distribution system for the passenger boat
2nd June 2021

The air distribution system is a necessity in new or older buildings. But it is also needed in other places or objects that the common person would not even think about. One great example – the passenger boat “Rocket”. In over six decades, the boat never had a functional HVAC system and was searching for solutions to prevent high temperatures inside the boat during hot summer days. After an investigation of all possibilities, the owner of the boat decided to choose FabricAir, a global fabric-based air distribution solution manufacturer and supplier, to install a high-quality and aesthetic air distribution system.

The passenger boat “Rocket” was built in the early 1960s and faced a heat issue when the boat was standing and passengers were boarding or disembarking. The sun would heat the boat and there would be no air movement, therefore the passengers would feel extreme discomfort. The boat owner desired to install a system that would be as small as possible, distribute air evenly, look nice, and would not create uncomfortable drafts or noises.

“We searched for many various solutions and FabricAir was the only manufacturer we have trusted. And I must say - the final result has exceeded our expectations. Fabric duct looks nice, almost unnoticeable, and its operation is very silent, so the comfort of our passengers will not be affected“, says Andrius Butkus, Member of the Board at UAB Izola.

Even after facing minor challenges of small and tight spaces and a need for big air volume, FabricAir engineers designed a tailored solution for a unique interior of the passenger boat. They chose a Flat-D duct with a square inlet. White-colored flame retardant Combi 20 fabric perfectly blended into the interior design of the boat. Better duct support is implemented by a Type 11A system that becomes invisible and does not stand out from the overall boat’s design. The project was implemented in the fastest possible manner – after the order was done, air distribution system was delivered to the boat in 7 days.

Photo Credits: FabricAir