Solving car wash humidity issues with FabricAir air distribution systems

Solving car wash humidity issues with FabricAir air distribution systems
4th May 2021

Fabric-based air distribution systems slowly but steadily find the way into the various businesses. One of the many areas that fabric ducting is especially valued – high humidity environment. FabricAir, a pioneer of fabric air distribution solutions, has nearly 50 years of experience in business and encountered many cases where humidity and its side effects had to be managed by fabric ducting systems. Because of that, North American industry-leading car wash operator Tommy Car Wash Systems chose FabricAir to develop and implement the best air distribution systems for their car wash tunnels.

A car wash located in Michigan was the first project of many yet to come, where FabricAir and Tommy Car Wash Systems cooperated for a new air distribution system. It was not the first time the client used fabric ducting but was not pleased with its previous service providers as they were encountering many issues. One of them was that the company used a bidding process where the lowest bidder would win the tender. This resulted in no control of the quality of fabric ducts they were getting for each location, slow ordering, and manufacturing processes, shipping the wrong lengths of ducts on many occasions, etc. After choosing FabricAir, Tommy Car Wash Systems received full service from the initial contact to installation of fabric ducts in less than a month.

“We have developed designs and drawings for every layout of car wash tunnel used. These drawings provide information on the diameter, airflow, hole locations, length of the duct run, and other vital information. This ensured consistency for every Tommy Car Wash location, as well as speeding up the ordering process. Our in-depth knowledge of the market, extensive experience, and willingness to go an extra mile was very much appreciated by the client and they were very pleased with our consistency and speed”, says Brad Bonneville, Territory Manager at FabricAir.

As ordering and shipping were some of the key issues in the prior experiences, FabricAir processes just eliminated it. The duct design was selected from the pre-determined design list and the order was placed with FabricAir. The fabric and the hardware were shipped as complete sets for each duct run, having the hardware and fabric broken in separate boxes. The lead times were great and the ducts arrived very quickly at the job site. “FabricAir is a fine-tune machine and very consistent in all stages of the ordering process. From the delivery to the quality of the material, FabricAir has been a pleasure to work with”, says Matt DeHaan, Project Manager at Tommy Car Wash Systems.

Photo courtesy: Tommy Car Wash Systems