Controlling humidity in grow rooms

Controlling humidity in grow rooms

Plants transpire through the leaves, thus the humidity level increases as the plants grow. As humidity is a crucial contributing factor for mold growth, rot, and mildew, keeping humidity below optimal conditions for mold growth is of utmost importance. Molds thrive in humid conditions and quickly spreads to ruin the harvest.

FabricAir dispersion solutions are a tried and true air distribution method and we custom design the solution to suit your space and needs. Through creating a mild draft, gently rustling the leaves, the air will carry away the moisture released through transpiration, which is an efficient way to diminish issues like mold, rot, and mildew. This in turn will enable the crop to take in more water and nutrients at the roots.

If growing in soil, keeping the top layer dry will also minimize issues with common pests making it hard for them to breed in your grow house. A FabricAir dispersion solution will contribute to this.

As plants bring up water through the roots and transpire through the leaves during photosynthesis, the humidity level will vary across the day. Light is a prerequisite for photosynthesis, as is a continuous supply of fresh air (CO2). The plants take in CO2 through the stomata and releases water vapor creating an internal negative pressure, which draws up water from the ground (or nutrient delivery system depending on the type of facility you have). This is a very delicate balancing act by the plant, which a good air dispersion solution will support.

As the humidity level is a function of the transpiration process, it increases as the crop grows; hence, humidity is especially an issue during the late stages, close to harvest, and the environment needs to be adjusted accordingly through correct air dispersion. However, creating drafts can lead to excessive dryness resulting in leaf loss or wind burn. Our custom air dispersion solutions are designed to disperse the relevant amount of air evenly at any stage of the plants lifecycle.

The professionals in the industry will know how to best combat the issues associated with too much or too little transpiration, but FabricAir ducts can be a key element to supplying fresh air and help the grower master the humidity part of the equation.