Nozzles and jets accelerate exit velocity

Air jets accellerate the air stream, increasing velocity and throw length

Many, primarily industrial, applications with high ceilings require exceptionally long throws to ensure proper induction.

FabricAir Dispersion Systems use nozzles and jets to accelerate the exit velocity. This generates precision throws that create the ideal indoor environment regardless of the complexity of the application and room dimensions. This is why FabricAir solutions are preferred in food storage applications and large multi-arenas with high precision requirements, where conventional metal solutions often fall short.

NozzFlow™ and JetFlow™ increase the throw length by accelerating the supply air through the reduced diameter of the nozzle or jet. Whereas supply air from orifices are pulled along the length of the duct, reducing the throw, nozzles and jets generate longer throws due to the perpendicular air supply.

Comparison of a duct air outlet via the FabricAir nozzle or jet diffuser (left) and ordinary orifice (right). Each shown in three conditions: hot, isothermal and cold.

JetFlowTM is capable of generating exceptionally long throws through the use of conical jets in varying diameters. The jets have a very high discharge coefficient due to the conical shape.

NozzFlowTM is used in applications where very precise directional airflow is needed. The discharge coefficient is almost at unity due to the shape of the nozzle.

FabricAir offers multiple directional flow models. Two of these are exceptionally suitable in applications that require high precision, namely NozzFlow™ and JetFlow™.