The most reliable lead times in the industry

The most reliable lead times in the industry

FabricAir has the fastest standard delivery times of any fabric duct manufacturer and consistently delivers on schedule. If you have ever had a project delayed because your equipment didn't arrive on time, then you know the importance of on-time delivery and how your bottom line can be affected. Often there are liquidated damages incorporated into construction contracts, and your customer isn't interested in why you weren't able to complete a project on time. Don't let a manufacturer be the reason. FabricAir will always deliver on time.

We are experienced professionals and we use state of the art production technologies to ensure that we have the best and most reliable lead times in the industry.

FabricAir has been in the fabric duct industry for decades and has learned from experience how to best optimize production.

FabricAir ducts are delivered in boxes via airfreight by a premier multinational logistics company, thus limiting delays due to weather or geopolitical issues. 

FabricAir has developed a sophisticated ordering system that incorporates a proprietary 3D software which generates drawings, quotes and shop orders.