Maintenance made easy

Maintenance made easy

Most of the time, FabricAir duct maintenance requires nothing more than changing the filter at the air-handler.

If your facility maintenance has fallen behind and dirt has managed to get into your FabricAir ducts, you can simply unzip individual sections and vacuum them out, use compressed air, or in the worst case take them down and launder them. Try doing that with metal!

While in most applications this is just a nicety there are applications, such as meat processing or other food production facilities, that require regular maintenance, and sometimes nightly facility wash downs. FabricAir ducts are perfect for these types of applications. In fact one of the reasons FabricAir ducts were created over 45 years ago was to reduce the downtime associated with cleaning metal ducts in meat processing facilities.

Filtration is a very important part of an air conditioning system. 

The ability to launder FabricAir ducts is one of the many unique advantages of selecting fabric over metal ducting.

In the food processing industry a system which is maintained according to the recommendations by FabricAir will last twice as long as a system which is not.