Low Weight

FabricAir ducts are lightweight and reduce the structural requirements of new and existing buildings. On a conservative basis, FabricAir systems are 2 lbs/ft, which is significantly lighter than a metal system. FabricAir ducts can also help reduce shipping and storage costs when compared to metal ductwork.

FabricAir ducts and air dispersion systems are truly a value proposition.

FabricAir ducts are made out of a variety of textiles. These ducts can be neatly folded, packaged in a box, and loaded onto a truck and/or plane without wasting any space. 

FabricAir offers the most heavy duty ducts in the industry, in a lightweight design. Our ducts weigh as little as 300 g/m² [8.8 oz/yd²], thus it is like comparing a feather to a hammer, when compared to conventional metal systems.