Internal 360° Hoops

Internal 360° Hoops

The Internal 360° Hoops are mounted in sleeves on the inside of the ductwork creating a closed circuit around the circumference. This ensures an aesthetically pleasing duct that is kept open if the airflow is turned off. The hoops are removable for easy laundry. Internal 360° Hoops are available in duct systems from Ø155 mm [Ø6 in] and up. The hoops come pre-installed from the factory on ducts up to Ø660 mm [Ø26 in]. For diameters above Ø660 mm [Ø26 in], the suspension fiberglass rods are added on site. Adding the hoops is an easy process, as they simply glide in place.

Internal 360 hoops Transparent look

Internal 360° Hoops added to a Type 8 suspension in an internal sleeve

Internal 360° Hoops can be removed at the 6 o'clock position


Installing FabricAir® Internal 360° Hoops

This animation shows you how to easily install the Internal 360° Hoops shape retention option. The hoops are factory installed up to Ø660 [26in]. The Internal 360° Hoops ensures 360° support regardless of the duct diameter. It is easy and quick to install and removal the hoops and requires no special tools. The fiberglass rods are simply inserted from the outside of the duct. The shape retention solution keeps the duct visually appealing even when the airflow is off - the duct is kept open during shutdown (100%).

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