Easy installation

Easy installation

FabricAir dispersion systems are intuitive and simple to install. Each duct section is marked with an individual tag, which lets you know exactly where each piece should go. There are no trade specific tools required; everything you need can be found in a handy-man's tool box. Easy installation significantly reduces labor hours compared to metal ducts or other fabric duct systems. This helps to ensure that your project is built on time and within budget.

Ease of installation is a hallmark of our Smart Air technology, and it enables savinngs of up to 70% on total installed costs compared to conventional metal ducting.

Installing FabricAir dispersion systems is fast and easy, and will reduce costs for the entire project due to the lower number of man hours. 

FabricAir duct sections are connected with covered zippers, making assembly of the finished duct fast and simple. 

FabricAir tags every piece of duct that we produce. 

The installation of FabricAir ducts does not require a special set of tools and can usually be accomplished with the tools that most people have at home.

FabricAir offers installation support with our Installation Guidance initiative (this service is only available in the USA and Denmark).

All duct systems require a connection to an air handler (AHU). Metal systems require specialized tools and ancillary products, which have to be procured separately, to connect to an AHU.