Corrosion resistant

Corrosive environments: pools


FabricAir ducts are ideal for corrosive environments, such as pools, salt rooms and workshops. Unlike metal ducts, polyester is not susceptible to the harsh chemicals found in swimming pools, anodizing facilities, etc.

Another reason to consider FabricAir ducts is that all exposed metal associated with the suspension system is either anodized aluminum, which has excellent anti-corrosion properties, or stainless steel. So whether you have a swimming pool or a highly toxic industrial application, use FabricAir - the corrosion resistant solution.

Ventilation ducts with corrosion

Sheet metal ducts will corrode

FabricAir Fibers will not corrogate

Fabric ducting will not disintegrate like sheet metal due to the fiber technology


Traditional HVAC designs require knowing the dew point of the space being conditioned to avoid condensation on the surfaces of the metal ducts and grills. 

FabricAir offers stainless steel (SS) hardware including turnbuckles and u-clamps.