About flame retardancy

One of the biggest concerns in construction is fire safety, which is typically addressed in the national building codes. FabricAir offers a wide variety of ducts that are code compliant regardless of what continent you are on. Our products live up to a number of standards and national codes incl. USA (UL listed), Canada (ULC listed) and Europe (EN 13501-1 certified).

FabricAir ducts are evaluated and certified based on smoke and flame spread indexes. The flame spread index confirms that should the duct be subjected to flames it will not ignite, but rather smolder at an acceptable rate to allow occupants enough time to exit the building safely. The smoke spread index is the more important of the two, as smoke inhalation and consequent suffocation is the primary cause of fire related fatalities. This index confirms that our products generate a minimal amount of smoke while burning/smoldering, allowing the occupant to see and breathe on their way out of the building.

For a full listing of the standards we meet, please click on the Certificate Listing.

The FabricAir flame retardant fabric has been tested and certified. 

FabricAir is proud to offer two Trevira CS, options which are inherently flame retardant. 

Some applications require completely non-combustible ducts, where the flame spread index is zero.