Wine Cellar

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Wine Cellar

Client or Site Name Bodegas Campos Reales
City El Provencio
Region (state) code Cuenca
Country Spain
Year 2019
Fabric Combi 80
Color Tan
Suspension Type 8, All-in-One
Total airflow 8000
Flow model(s) SonicFlow


When Cooperativa de Nuestro Señora del Rosario needed an air conditioning solution in their barrel rooms, they tasked FabricAir with designing a solution that could support the special humidity and temperature control requirements needed to prevent the wine from spoiling. 


It is common for molds and bacteria to proliferate in barrel rooms due to the high humidity, and the quality of the wine may deteriorate due to uncontrolled temperature variations. Air conditioning of barrel rooms thus requires precision control of temperature and humidity.
When Cooperativa de Nuestra Señora del Rosario needed a solution for their barrel rooms in Bodegas Campos Reales in Cuenca, Spain, the technicians at  Orlando Fernandez contacted FabricAir to design a solution that would suit these requirements. 
The project went through several design phases until we settled on the right technical solution adapted to the required aesthetics.
The main objective of the solution designed by FabricAir was to create an efficient air dispersion with very low terminal air velocities, to minimize evaporation and to ensure a uniform temperature distribution without drafts.
The low noise level expected in this type of space makes FabricAir dispersion solutions an ideal choice due to our LowNoise™ capabilities.
The combination of the flow models SonicFlow™, with perforations ranging from Ø3-13mm, and MicroFlow™  with microperforations, Ø0.5mm, allowed us to achieve this objective perfectly, with a low velocity air diffusion perfect for the treatment of this product.
The managers of the winery are highly satisfied with both the final aesthetic finish and the performance of the FabricAir ducts. The solution meets the necessary requirements in this application.
Furthermore, the installation of the ducts did not cause an activity stop and the solution has not damaged the room in any way.
“We are delighted with the result. The ducts work wonderfully and have been great; Seeing them, it looks like  we are in a wedding hall.”

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Combi 80

The fabric is permeable and comes with a 10 year warranty. 


SonicFlowTM is a directional flow model where the air exits the duct via rows of laser cut perforations.

Type 8 / AIO + 360° + VARIO

Type 8 H-rail suspension is a method of suspending FabricAir ducts. The H-rail, so named because it looks like an H in the cross section, is made out of anodized aluminum, making it an excellent choice for corrosive environments.