Tennis Court

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Tennis Court

Client or Site Name Tennis Court
City Madrid
Country Spain
Year 2019
Fabric Combi 85
Color Dark Grey
Suspension Type 8, All-in-One
Total airflow 60.000
Flow model(s) JetFlow


The city of Madrid hosted the Davis Cup tournament in Nov. 2019 and Aggreko installed a removable FabricAir Dispersion System to provide heating service during the event in record time.



Not all indoor tennis courts in Madid have a heating solution. Hence, in order to provide a rental service to ensure heating during the tournament, they needed an air dispersion solution that met the strict requirements of the tennis court, while not affecting the game: Temperature (min. 18ºC), temperature gradient (max. 0.5ºC) and air velocity (between 0.2 / 0.3 m / s) that did not will affect the game.  In addition, a low noise level on the court (less than 30 dBa) and guarantee of the quality of the ambient air were also required. Aggreko and FabricAir were tasked with creating a suitable solution. 



Aggreko, the supplier of rental equipment, contacted their local FabricAir technicians. Together they devised a solution to carry out the installation without modifying any interior structure, enabling the assembly / disassembly of more than 200 m of Ø900 mm fabric ducting on each duct run in a maximum time of 2 days. To achieve the desired results from a height of 17 meters above the tennis court, the dispersion solution was designed using Jetflow™, combining different sizes and positions to achieve the uniform terminal velocity and a temperature on the court above 18ºC, with an outdoor air temperature of 5ºC .



The heating solution for the two tennis courts far exceeded the organization’s requirements during all the matches of the event, despite the fluctuations in the number of attendees. The assembly could be carried out faster than planned, which reduced the costs of assembly and lift rental “We contacted FabricAir and we had time to develop the project. However, the final decision was taken to the limit; hence it was thanks to the quick supply of the systems and their design for assembly that we were able to comply with the time-frames. The system pleasantly surprised the organizers.” Explains Aggreko representative.

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JetFlowTM is capable of generating exceptionally long throws through the use of conical jets in varying diameters. The jets have a very high discharge coefficient due to the conical shape.

Combi 85
FabricAir® Combi 85 is a nonpermeable, flame-retardant,  Oeko-Tex 100 certified fabric.