İNAN SÜT, Izmir, Turkey

Case study


İNAN SÜT, Izmir, Turkey

Client or Site Name İNAN SÜT
Country Turkey
Job category Food
Year 2011
Fabric Combi 20
Suspension Vertical, Type 1-2-3-4
Total airflow 115000 m³/h
Flow model(s) FabFlow and MeshFlow

FabricAir solutions offer a more efficient and less costly alternative to conventional metal and stainless steel ductwork in dairy plants



In connection with the establishment of two new processing plants in Izmir and Ödemiş, İNAN SÜT wanted a hygienic and efficient solution for their air dispersion system.

İNAN SÜT is one of the leading dairy brands in the region. They were established in 1989 and attribute their success to a strict quality focus. They have taken great care to ensure state-of-the-art production facilities, and thus selected FabricAir to supply the air dispersion solution.

Conventional ductwork can pose a problem in dairy plants. Over time even the stainless steel ducts corrode causing a safety hazard. Dirt and other contaminant accumulate to form a health hazard but cleaning such ductwork is costly. Hence, İNAN SÜT selected a fabric solution.



We delivered a solution consisting of Combi 20 with FabFlow™ and MeshFlow™ to prevent condensation from forming on the surface.

The natural structure of the fibers in fabric ducting efficiently prevents mold and bacteria growth and the fibers produce a minimum of particles, which makes the technology espe-cially suited for food production or medical applications. In addition, the ducts ae easy to take down for laundry when necessary.



The result is a hygienic and efficient solution that beat metal and stainless steel alternatives in performance and cost-efficiency, while delivering a comfortable airflow.

We were aware of how important air distribution systems are in terms of hygiene conditions and production quality. To prevent mold growth, we did extensive reviews before choosing the air dispersion system. We deduced that the most appropriate solution would be a FabricAir dispersion system in terms of efficiency and total cost."

We were impressed to see the reference lists and the work FabricAir has done. The technical engineers also influenced our approach to technical problems and technical experience. We will continue to favor FabricAir solu-tions for future investments.” says İlhan Bey, General Manager of İnan Süt.

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