Talisman Sports and Wellness center

Talisman Sports and Wellness center

Would I recommend FabricAir to others? Oh yeah, absolutely!

I have a pool project right now and I wouldn't mind seeing the fabric ducting in there. The thing about pools are: we deal with chlorine which is very corrosive. In this project we have to go with aluminum, which is a lot more expensive. I'd much rather see FabricAir ducting; especially a different color than gray - maybe blue or red. We are doing it in Genesis. The project would be perfect for this fabric ducting - a whole field house.

Richard Deveau
Project Manager, Marlborough, Sheet Metal & Design Ltd.

Case studies

Stunning interaction between architecture and air dispersion system. When the Talisman Centre had significant issues with condensation, FabricAir solved problem and created a safe, healthy indoor... Read more
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