16th February 2018

Today our production facility is closed due to the celebration of the centennial of the Lithuanian Independence.

15th February 2018

During the AHR Expo in Chicago, Philip Daugherty had the pleasure of presenting the latest innovative technology improvement to come out of our TechCenter and AirLab – the upgraded Defrost Duct.

14th February 2018

Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to share a box of chocolates with the one you love. At FabricAir we love to create optimum air dispersion solutions and we are proud to have delivered the ideal system for this chocolate production facility in Australia.

8th February 2018

This FabricAir Dispersion System was installed in 2006 and the photos were taken just two weeks ago. It looks almost new, proving that 12 years is not old when it comes to fabric-based air dispersion solutions.

7th February 2018
FabricAir Zip-A-Duct is great for a quick fix or simple applications. Kerri Dress, visited the Cherrystone Aqua Farms to learn how their FabricAir solution has stabilized the temperature in the facility.
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