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Novamed, Turkey

Every installation in the medical sector has to follow very strict guidelines. One of the most important requirements is the Class 100,000 Cleanroom standard, which can be achieved by effective and even ventilation throughout the production area. FabricAir was able to provide this solution for the Novamed facility by using Trevira CS 100 fabric with FabFlow air dispersion. In addition, FabricAir ducts can be taken down and washed, which helps to prevent bacteria growth in the air ducts and protects the clean and sterile environment in the facility.


“In addition to helping Novamed production achieve the standard, the indoor air comfort level increased significantly to the satisfaction of our employees”, explains Sarper Altun, Technical Manager of Novamed GMBH. “We definitely plan to use FabricAir air distribution systems for all future projects.”  

In the medical industry there are many standards you have to fulfill in order make production. One of the most important standard is Cleanroom Class 100,000. In order to achieve this standard in our production facility we need to have even and effective air distribution in production areas. After examining the FabricAir product line we decided to use the FabricAir Air Dispersion System as we realized that it was the most effective and feasible solution for our demands.

Sarper Altun
Teknik Müdürü Müh.

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Air is distributed throughout the entire surface of the fabric.

Trevira CS 100

FabricAir Trevira CS100 comes with a 10 year warranty.

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