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Moyde de Huesca

Client or Site Name Moyde de Huesca
Location Huesca
Country Spain
Job category Industry: showroom
Kind of fabric Combi 70
Color name Red
Installation Type 1 AIO
Total air flow 2.730 m³/h
Flow models SonicFlow
When a cold winter was affecting the temperature in a showroom at Moyde de Huesca we quickly resolved the issue with and aesthetic and efficient solution.
Moyde de Huesca, part of the Gamma group, specializes in components for interior and exterior remodeling.
They needed a quick affordable solution when a cold winter had brought the temperature in their new 150m2 showroom to an all time low. The existing system created hot and cold zones in the room and occupants were bothered by draft and cold feet. Moyde wanted to replace the existing solution with the latest technology within fabric air dispersion due to the washable, noncondensing and flame retardant nature of the textile.
Together with INTEC we quickly delivered a stylish solution consisting of a red duct in Combi 70 suspended by Type 1 all-in-one.
The ceiling height was 6m, thus SonicFlow™ was the perfect choice for efficient draft-free air dispersion.
The result is an affordable and quick resolution delivering a pleasant indoor environment with an efficient even airflow and no draft.
“The heating now works really well. You can be in the showroom area without having cold feet and as it makes no noise, it's perfect to be able to talk to our customers. The color, burgundy, is very pretty and enhances the showroom area.” Says the Showroom Manager at Moyde de Huesca.

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