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HiGreen TianJin Cold Logistics Center, China

HiGreen TianJin Cold Logistics Center is one of the biggest cold storages for agricultural products in TianJin. It is a Freon refrigerated cold storage that entered into operation on September 18, 2014. The facility uses a Küba evaporator supplied by GEA.


FabricAir applied specially combined flow models – SonicFlow+JetFlow – to distribute the air evenly with low velocity. The FabricAir air distribution solution also prevented condensation from accumulating on ceilings and walls, which is a common problem that is desirable to avoid in cold storage at 0°C.


FabricAir also applied a Type 3 All-In-One suspension system, which helps the ducts to remain visually inflated even without air (as shown in the installation pictures). FabricAir ducts with SonicFlow and JetFlow air dispersion and Type 3 All-In-One are visually appealing and work very efficiently during the daily operations of the HiGreen TianJin Cold Logistic Center. 

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