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Filpel Bobinas

Client or Site Name Filpel Bobinas
Location Castillazuelo
Country Spain
Job category Industry: production hall
Kind of fabric Combi 20
Color name Green
Installation Type 1 AIO
Total air flow 40.000 m³/h
Flow models NozzFlow™
When a leading manufacturer of electrical wires and cables was facing problems with uneven temperatures in its production facility, we designed a solution that increased productivity and comfort with state-of-the-art fabric air dispersion.
Filpel Bobinas in Castillazuelo (Huesca), is a leading manufacturer of electrical wires and cables. When it renovated its 1,000m2 production hall in the fall of 2013, it wanted to upgrade from conventional sheet metal ductwork to a state-of-the-art fabric air dispersion solution.
The ambient temperature in the hall is critical to the production process and the existing system generated large fluctuations in the temperature. Filpel Bobinas selected a FabricAir dispersion solution due to its unique washable, noncondensing and flame retardant capabilities.
We were tasked with designing a system, that would ensure even and draft-free dispersion of heated air despite the 5m ceiling height.
Together with Climatización Pirenaíca and Industrial Engineer Amado Arcas we designed a solution in Combi 20 with Type 1 all-in-one suspension and NozzFlow™.
Using a directional flow model with a long throw ensured the perfect mixture in the high ceiling hall without causing unpleasant drafts, and due to the system design the energy consumption has been cut on half.
The result is energy-efficient and effective air dispersion which has increased productivity and comfort in the building and stabilized the room temperature.
Using all-in-one suspension ensured a stylish look with and without air.
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