FabricAir Ducts offer the ideal solution for cooling, heating, ventilation and refrigeration applications. Our solutions are tailor-made to fit the customer's exact needs.
Beyond the considerable cost savings and superior product quality, FabricAir ducting offer improved indoor air quality and continues comfort for the user.

Company news

Jan 2017

Meet Arūnas & Erdal - the latest members of our team

Yesterday we welcomed two new colleagues to our FabricAir team: Arūnas Akelis and Erdal İgeç.

Dec 2016

Manning up for the new year

The FabricAir family is growing as a response to our continued success in the global market. Smart air solutions are gaining ground in the HVAC+R industry as a result of the seamless integration between architecture and air dispersion system and the many benefits fabric ducting brings to the art of ventilation and air conditioning.